The cracking Christmas holidays have come to a close. Decorations are packed up, mountains of chocolate have mysteriously disappeared, and the time off has run out. Whilst for most kids going back to school isn't the most wondrous prospect, if you're lucky enough to be familiar with Birdkids, we have plenty of products to wear and share that'll get kids excited to leave the house every morning. As per English tradition, this Winter isn't just set to be a chilly one, but a very wet one (extraordinarily so!). Every parent will want to take advantage of this scenario to wrap up their little ones in something both warm and highly wearable. We'd like to throw outdoor clothing experts Kozikidz into the ring with their stripey 100% waterproof rain jackets and top range Oxford collection rain coats. Designed top to bottom to be both breathable and breathtaking, every rainy day will send your kids rushing to put on their lovely coats. image of Fishing Ducks Game - Rainbow We feel that one of the reason school is so vital is it's a great time to learn to play - probably the best! When your child wants to bring some school-friends home and is in need of something to entertain however many there may be, it's not about having the best, top-of-the-line activity for them to enjoy, but merely something that gets their inquisitive and playful nature going. Thus we love providing imaginative craft kits, origami boxes and games with a classic, vintage feel to help develop new skills. We of course can't forget the main reason we send them to school is to learn. There's a world of knowledge, and it's at their youngest that children are best blessed with an eager desire to learn, and a hunger for new perspective. For very young children, we thoroughly recommend Alain Gree's 'My First Book Of Nature', which uses beautiful illustrations to impart the bliss of nature, and 'Alphabet', which lays the building blocks of our language down with embossed artwork so they can learn to read with ease. image of Tutu - Watermelon Pink Finally, these last two items bring a little bit of everything into the mix. What fun would being a kid be if you didn't have the right tools to role-play and explore the boundaries of your imagination? Whether it's become the star prima ballerina, or a classic pirate with a modern twist, a simple dress-up item can help encourage both a desire to learn and to create. Do you have any stories from your kid's return to school to share? Even better, what memories from your first day back at school can you remember? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to keep up with our latest products and events over at the Birdkids Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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