Gasp! After a horribly wet Winter, Spring has come with plenty of Sunshine; hopefully a promise of even better weather to come. With the change of seasons, many parents are already lining up the top choices for a warmer wardrobe of kids clothing, with threads to fit every temperature, that also look excellent! Our pick for the summer is the new Tootsa MacGinty 2014 clothing collection. A company passionate about sourcing the best fabrics, getting the right fit and designing motifs that every child can enjoy regardless of whether they're boy or girl, their designs easily stand out as some of the most vibrant and comfortable on the block. Whilst we're still sitting in the latter part of March, the gloom may be gone but some days are still unbearably windy for a simple t-shirt or dress. Tootsa MacGinty's Fort Greene fade knit jumpers, available in both sun-glowing coral and the most calming of blues, are classically designed to keep your little one warm on the chillier Spring and Summer days. It's distinguished with a set of wooden buttons lining the shoulder opening for practical putting-on, and the modern faded dip-dye colouring lets the vintage feel of the jumper shine in. This is the signature product from Tootsa MacGinty, and this season's selection of animal jacquard cotton knit jumpers are as ferocious and city-friendly as ever. For 2014 we welcome the funky city pigeon, who's perched atop bold green pre-washed cotton nest made with a shoulder button opening and an apple-core bit of embroidery sewn into the cuff. The West end fox meanwhile, whether your child will see him as cross-stitch or pixel art, is brought to life square by square on cotton melange, wrapping your child with extra long ribbed cuffs that can be rolled down to grow with your child. Both are great summer alternatives to Tootsa's much loved selection of animal cotton jumpers. So far we've focused way to much on what kids clothing to wear on the top half, with no regard for anywhere else. As a great accompaniment, the Dumbo Harem Trousers have a roaming car motif circling blue soft bonded cotton with pink elastic on the waist and legs. The cotton is bonded to ensure the all important shape is kept no matter how many journeys it take through the wash, remaining comfortable, loose and stylish for the in-between of the two sunniest seasons. Summer wouldn't be what it is without seeing a superbly made denim dress on a child. Tootsa MacGinty have delivered an amazing example for their 2014 collection: the Coney Island smock dress, a hardwearing garment coloured in fade wash pale blue. To further set your girl out from the crowd, each one comes supplied with a drawstring pouch full of colourful iron-on embroidered patches so they can customize as they wish. If the dress leaves your lad or tom-boy feeling left out, there's a similar pair of Dalston dungarees also available. As rain showers have to be expected even in the heart of the sunny seasons, a good rainjacket that's not going to get too hot, or looks too tacky, is a much needed item to take on long days out. The Westminster Popover Jacket shines in a glorious sunshine yellow, is teamed with faded light weight denim and comes with its own neat stow away pocket. A best seller from the Tootsa MacGintey, it's the finale to having every necessary item to take on the warm months. What cool kids clothing items from the Tootsa MacGinty 2014 collection are you looking forward to seeing your child enjoy the good weather in? Where are they planning on wearing them? The Beach? Park? Abroad? Let us know in the comments, and you can also send us some preliminary photographs via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
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