Soft toys and accessories are usually the first thing we think to buy for a new baby. Something cute and cuddly that will become their lifelong favourite toy and friend. The toys in the Anne-Claire Petit range are handmade according to traditional handiwork techniques, using natural materials and recognizable colour schemes, making each toy unique. Much of the crochet work is completed in Asia, where women have passed on their handiwork techniques through the generations. By working with Anne-Claire Petit, these skilled women are able to generate an income throughout most of the year, which then goes on to benefit their entire village. Easily recognisable, the items in the Anne-Claire Petit collections of soft toys and accessories are now sold in more than 36 Countries worldwide. A perfect example of her work, this Ink Blue Crocheted Woodpecker would make a stunning edition to any baby’s room. Handmade from 100% organic cotton, this woodpecker has a concealed magnet inside so that it can be displayed in an upright position and is finished in beautiful shades of blue and grey. This Monkey Shaped Crocheted Ring baby’s rattle is adorable, made from the same 100% organic cotton you can see the amount of work that has gone into making it, and it is sure to be loved by all babies. If you are looking for a lovely, cuddly soft toy this Multi Striped Elephant is perfect! Made from multicoloured organic cotton, this cute elephant is just waiting to be hugged!
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