If a friend or family member has just welcomed a new baby and you are looking for the perfect gift, then consider choosing some bright and colourful bibs! As any new mum or dad will know, bibs are something you can never have enough of, and they save those beautiful new items of baby clothing from a whole range of “little accidents!” The bibs available in the baby clothing collections today are far more advanced than those bulk items we were subjected to as children, and they come in a range of bold colours to suit just about every outfit your baby has in his/her wardrobe. The aptly named ‘Wonder Bibs’ by Mum2Mum are perfect for new parents, and can absorb a huge amount of liquid. Designed for mums by mums, these velour-towelling bibs have a nylon backing to keep your baby dry, and avoid those painful skin conditions that wet clothing can initiate. Machine washable and dryer safe, these fantastic bibs have an adjustable neckline and come in a range of fun colours to suit both boys and girls. If you are looking for something a little more decorative, the reversible Elephant bibs by Blafre will appeal to you. Bright and colourful, these 100% cotton bibs are reversible and have a different pattern on each side. Ideal for those on the go, these bibs can be turned around in the event of an accidental spillage, leaving your baby looking fresh and clean in an instant. Another product designed by a mum, these pretty bibs have an adjustable neckline and will ‘wash and wear’ for months. A new soft toy or an item of baby clothing is always a nice gift idea for a newborn, but go one step further and help those new parents out with a great selection of baby bibs – Practical, affordable and very necessary!
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