With so many different toy manufacturers out there, it is difficult to know where to start when it comes to shopping for quality, fun and educational toys for children. Djeco is a French company, based in Paris. A brand that is growing at an amazing rate, their toys, games, decorations and crafts for kids are gaining recognition across the globe, and children of all ages seem to love the items they create. If you are new to the world of Djeco, allow us to share some information that may encourage you to treat your own kids to some of their beautiful toys this Christmas: Who are Djeco? In the toy industry for more than 50 years, Djeco is a family owned business. Founded by the mother of the current owner Frederick Michel, it really started to grow in the 1990’s when they decided to create their own line of magical toys for children. What is special about Djeco toys & games? All the toys, games, crafts and decorations in the Djeco collection are designed with children in mind. Giving a dominant place to illustration, these high quality toys are bright, colourful, strong and most of all, great fun to play with. Do Djeco toys & games meet British safety standards? Yes, they do, all the toys and games in the Djeco collection are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet and exceed all European safety standards, so when you give a Djeco toy you can be confident that it is safe for your child to play with. Why should I choose Djeco toys over any other? Designed and built by Djeco’s creative team, all the games, toys and crafts for kids in the collection are ‘tried & tested’ for over a year before finally making the cut. Not satisfied with simply ‘fun’ toys, Djeco toys must be entertaining, educational and encourage children to use their imaginations if they are to reach one of the beautifully decorated Djeco boxes. What type of toys will I find in the Djeco collection? Djeco have a fantastic range of over 600 products, including educational role-playing sets, board games and puzzles, painting workshops and origami set in their crafts for kids collection, baby mobiles, wall decorations, stickers, jigsaws and so much more. Every toy or game your child could possibly wish for is available in the Djeco collection. Where can I buy Djeco toys & games? That part is easy; the entire Djeco collection is now available for you to order online, and with several items priced less than £10, they are the perfect gifts for those on a budget. Discover the wonderful world of Djeco – making fantastic toys for our girls and boys.
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