Birdkids' Most Unique Baby Shower Gifts
Baby shower gifts tend to follow a very predicable pattern; either pink, blue or cuddly toy shaped. It's a safe bet, but if you really want something striking, original and guaranteed to wow the other guests, you need to try something a bit more creative. To get you inspired, Birdkids have put together our favourite baby shower presents which will really make a statement in any aspect of the little one's life. From the bedroom to the nursery, and from day through to night, check out our top picks here! djeco mobile - katsumi komagata birds Brighten up your nursery with this vibrant flock of multicoloured birds. From Djeco's Katsumi Komagata collection, this stunning mobile is something you simply won't find anywhere else. butterfly dress-up kit This floaty butterfly dressing up kit is perfect for running around in the garden and playing pretend in the summer sunshine. Filled with shimmering embellishments and neon stitching, this will be a winning at any upcoming baby shower. wild & soft animal trophy head - polar bear Any child's room will be instantly improved with this super cute polar bear wall decoration. Crafted from ultra plush fabric, this charming choice will be sure to melt a few hearts! harbour seal - small Day or night, this sweet little harbour seal is great for cuddling up to. Decorated with soft grey fur and glistening, lifelike eyes, this toy is suitable for any baby to grip onto and make friends with from the moment they're born. Noodoll Ricecracker Night Light Shed some light onto the nursery or bedroom with this adorable nightlight from Noodoll. When switched on, this little bear will help anyone drift off in no time... wee gallery merino wool blanket - 40 winks Cosy, luxurious and great for both parents and children to enjoy. This high quality and affectionately designed blanket from Wee Gallery comes with a chic, closed eye design to transform any room in your home. Great for keeping you and your kids warm during the colder months or throwing over a comfy sofa. noodoll ricetomato mini plush toy - red He might not be one of your five-a-day, but this bright red plush tomato toy will definitely enrich your child's everyday play, either at home or when you're travelling in the car.
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