The 7 Best Sleep Aids & Toys For Children
Whether you've welcomed a newborn into the world or you're bringing up a toddler, sleep time can be a source of dread for many parents. You're probably struggling through the day on little sleep, talking about lack of sleep or about to put your little one to bed... Whatever your situation, those early days, months and years of your youngster's life can be difficult. As of yet there's no 'Sleeping Beauty' inspired remedy to help your child drift into slumber, but there are a few things you can do to help them drift off. Birdkids have put together a list of our favourite handpicked sleep aids, toys and clothing that will promote a better sleep routine and make tonight's dreams even sweeter. sleepy playsuit / all in one - grey stripes This organic cotton, all-in-one, super soft playsuit comes with a shuteye inspired design and easy to fasten poppers, making it easy to dress and undress even the sleepiest baby without disturbing them. djeco bisous dodo 'night-night kisses' card game Get your children into a sleepy routine with this bedtime game of cards and beautiful illustrations. Collect the pillow, sheet and blanket, mimicking the actions with your little one to get them ready for a super soothing slumber. rabbit alma music mobile Hop into the dreamworld with a little help from this bunny inspired mobile. The cute, minimalist design is perfect for hanging over a baby's cot, simply pull on the wooden loop and watch them drift into the land of nod. snug as a bug fleece baby wrap - navy Whether you're in the depths of winter or in need of something warm on those colder nights throughout the year, this baby wrap fleece will keep your child as snug as a bug in a rug - literally! scotty dog night light Your bedroom's best friend comes in the form of the gorgeous scotty dog! Comes with a gorgeously detailed fur coat and emits a soft, soothing glow to help your child relax in the bedtime hours. rabbit agnete cuddle cloth - rose Your baby boy or girl will love being snuggled by this ultra soft rabbit cuddle wrap cloth from Liewood. This bedtime blanket is so warm and inviting your little one simply won't want to leave it. manatee cuddlekins soft toy - large Last but not least, we've chosen something soft and cute from the ocean floor. This manatee cuddlekins toy is a large, plush friend that is perfect for playing and snoozing with.
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