We all want our little ones to be good at reading, and look forward to that proud moment when they recite their part in the school play. When thinking of educational toys we might not automatically think about books, but they are a wonderful tool to use when teaching your child. By reading a favourite book together every day, you get to spend quality time with your child and have the opportunity to interact with them on an educational level. Firstly and fore mostly you need to find a book that is interesting to your child, so choose it together. Take your child's age and attention span into consideration, if they are not interested by the book, they will not learn. For younger children, the more colourful and visually stimulating the better, that way you can read with pictures while your child learns the new words. Once you have a book they are happy with, read it over, and over and then over again. Your child will soon begin to recognize the words as you repeat them, and you will be surprised at how quickly they pick up the storyline. Once they have started piecing the story together, they will begin associating spoken words with written ones, enabling them to be able to read whole pages or even the entire book "by heart". Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between singing and learning, so sing-a-long books are another example of how books can be an academic building block in your child's education. Starting with the Alphabet and numbers, you can then progress to more advanced books where your child will notice the relationship between letters and sounds. The beautifully illustrated line of children's books on this website, are perfect educational tools for children of all ages, from babies through to teenagers. Interactive books, Poem books and Art books all make wonderful gifts and will stimulate every child's learning.
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