There is nothing quite like celebrating spring with an Easter egg hunt! Whether you celebrate this religious day or not, it is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your children, and a perfect chance to spend some family time together. These days chocolate eggs come in every shape and size, but why not stick with tradition and use some real eggs that you and your children have painted? Children love to paint, so making their own eggs for the hunt will not only prolong the activity, filling up a whole afternoon, but it will also save their teeth! Just remember to hard boil the eggs beforehand! The 6 finger paint tubes by Djeco are designed to be easy to use without getting too much of it everywhere! Squirt a little out onto a pallet and your kids are ready to paint! In vibrant colours that include Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Two shades of Green, your little artist can happily paint a favourite animal, write their name or simply add their own artistic design to their eggs. Non-toxic, these paints are easily removed from your children's hands and clothes with simple washing. For the more "advanced" artists among us, the Classic Colour Cakes by Djeco, is a beautiful colour palette that comes with a brush. Including twelve classic colours such as White, Red, Two shades of blue, Brown, Orange and green, the set is packaged in a clear plastic box and comes with a fine, wooden brush. As will all Djeco painting products, these washable, non-toxic paints are finished to the highest standard making them ideal for mini artists of all ages. So enjoy Easter, or just "Sunday" with an Egg hunt, the perfect way to spend a day with your children.
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