Brand Spotlight: Mahina Mer'Fins
Kazziebeachshoot2392 In the last few years the world has gone Mermaid crazy, it's something about the fantastical creatures that pose freedom, adventure and a world of mystery, and it's not just girls that are fascinated by the mermazin' aquatic creatures either! With the ability to glide like a fish, sparkle like the stars and dive to the deepest depths of the oceans, there's no surprise that there's a lot of young water babes out there who dream about becoming a mermaid! Well, now you can make your young child's or even your own childhood wishes come true with the creation of the fantastic Mahina Mer'Fins. Mer'Fins are a first of their kind fin that will let you transform into a fully fledged mermaid as you enter the water, how great does that sound?! Mahina Mer'Fins were the creation of Kazzie Mahina who was one of the world's first professional mermaids, in 2005 there was no such thing as a professional mermaid, it was merely a magical idea that was just a tiny bit crazy. Nevertheless Kazzie and her friend Hannah made mermaiding a real thing, and in 2006 Mahina began the creation of the Mer'Fin. With being a mermaid at the passion of her heart, creating the Mer'Fin for others to take on this magical journey was an easy task to make. Mahina wanted to ensure that Mer'Fins were as eco-friendly as possible, which is why the Mer'Fins have been made from recycled rubber. The Mer'Fin is the first fully functional rubber mermaid fin and was developed for two key reasons; to share the love of mermaiding with others in a safe and practical way, and to inspire and educate all inspiring mermaids, whilst connecting them to the nature around them. Are there different sized fins? This clever fin is available in 3 sizes so anyone can pursue their own mermaid aspirations. The Lil Mer'Fin is the sister product to the Mahina Mer'Fin classic, and it is ideal for all those little mermaids in training. This fin is designed for ages 6-12 and is a fantastic way of introducing your child to the joys of swimming in a safe and fun way. Once you lose your mermaid learner plates it's time to advance to the Kids Mer'Fin. The Mer'Fin will give you the ease and agility of a mermaid in water and it is incredibly easy to remove with just one flick of the feet. But don't think that adults have to miss out on the fun too, as Mahina specifically created the classic adult Mer'Fin which can be used in the pool, the sea, bodysurfing or just for creating undulating movements. It's specifically great for resistance training and fitness in the water, as you have to create more power to push the water past your feet with your mermaid fin! The Mer'Fin is great for building up confidence in the water, increasing core and leg strength whilst inspiring imagination and lots of fun! fin Complete Your Mermaid Journey With... With a Mer'Fin to hand, you're only a few touches away from becoming a real life mermaid. Mahina has also created a range of merswim sets and rash vests which are perfect for mermaids who spend all day long in the water and the sun. The rash vests and leggings have been made with a polyester/spandex mix with a protection of SPF50 +, all printed in a realistic shimmery fish scale print. The merswim clothing is the only thing needed to complete the full mermaid experience! merbabe-rashie-web-product If you want to get in touch with the beautiful aquatic world around you, improve your confidence in the water and make some memories on your summer holidays, Mahina Mer'Fins collection is sure to help inspire and excite introducing little ones and adults into the mesmerising and magical world of mermaiding, mermaids are real after all...Have you heard of Mahina Mer'Fins before? Do let us know on our Facebook page, Instagram or by following us at @bird_kids.
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