How To Throw The Perfect Summer Picnic Party
strawberry-drink-1412313_960_720 The warmer days and lighter evenings are finally here, and the opportunities for picnic parties, tea parties and BBQ's are endless. There's nothing children love more than going outdoors in the warmer weather, and a summer picnic party is a great way to get everyone involved in the evening. The best thing is it can be held in the comfort of your home too, with no worries about other people, or where the nearest toilet is! Making it a 'picnic party' makes it that extra bit special too, and it would make a pretty perfect birthday bash too for a few close friends and family. Whilst the sun is shining and the sky is blue, it's time to pull your picnic hamper out of the attic, trawl the shelves of your supermarket and get some pretty decorations ready to throw the most perfect summer picnic party yet! The Location If you have a big enough area, your own garden is the perfect location for a picnic, with no need to pack the car up with bundles of blankets and hampers of food, and your amenities are close by so you don't have to stress about a thing! Picnics in nearby parks and fields are so much fun though, it really does take it to that next level of adventure! If you're wanting to set up your own den or canopy for the picnic make sure you place your picnic spot close to a tree so you can carefully drape the fabric or canopy up overhead. The Decorations Decorating is always the most exciting part of any party, and something that all of your children can have a hand in. Before you start planning, will your party have a theme? We love the idea of Flamingo themed parties for the summer months! Once you know what direction your party is heading in you can gather all of the bits you may need. Decorations can be as cost free as you like as pretty much everything can be made from scratch! We love the idea of using plenty of beautifully coloured bunting to string up and pom pom lights to add a pop of colour and light to your little setup. Especially if the party is held at dusk time, it creates a really magical and beautiful setting. Decoration is completely up to you, but it's nice to add your own personal touches too, such as handmade decorations, name tags and personalisation on blackboards! 2603_sweet1 The Tableware Disposable plates, cups and bowls are super easy for picnics and really lightweight to carry, but melamine tableware is also a great option which is 100% suitable for children and will help to add those final pops of colour to your picnic party. Rice's selection of tableware is a match made in heaven for summer picnics, with pops of soft colour and candly coloured spoons! You can co-ordinate your picnic or have lots of mismatched bits to make it super colourful! Don't forget a cake stand so you can display all those delicious fancies too! The Food Food obviously plays the integral part in a picnic which comprises of usually lots of delicious picky and finger foods! Pinterest is a great place for inspiration on mini dishes and picnic party favours that you can make from scratch if you're stuck for ideas. Some of our favourite, colourful options are fruit skewer kebabs (super healthy too!), homemade ice lollies, finger sandwiches and slices of pizza! Picnics usually feature cold and easy to handle foods, but if you're making one from the comfort of your own home you can add in some warm bits too. 5713_mecak-dmi_1 Picnic parties are SO much fun whatever your age or occasion, each guest can chip in with their own ideas and bring some food and decorations along to make it a real joint effort! We promise it will be one of the most enjoyable parties of the year! Are you planning a summer picnic party this year? Do let us know on our Facebook page, Instagram or by following us at @bird_kids.
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