Good Morning! It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for another Brand Spotlight! It’s a bit of a grey, dreary kind of day here so I’ve decided to brighten things up a bit by featuring the fantastically colourful Tapete! Based in Amsterdam, there isn’t actually much information on the background of this company. This means that I’m going to have to let the clothes speak for themselves! On Tapete’s website, there’s a quote that says:

“I am a doggie today, and what about you?”

This really sums up just how kids feel inspired whenever they wear a Tapete t-shirt!

Tapete’s children’s clothes are brilliantly simple, but they do a fantastic job of sparking imagination! Designed for children between 0 – 8 years, each item is a solid colour, with a bold print. Tapete design these prints so that there is something for every child’s personality. The prints themselves are printed in either velvet flock or a fluorescent colour, depending on the design. A lamb will be soft to the touch while a car will really catch the eye! Each print’s colour is chosen to really stand out against the colour of the t-shirt, too. We think that Tapete’s clothes are perfect for children; they’re fun, hard-wearing and feature designs that aren’t too complicated or grown-up for little ones. They’re perfect for running about in the park and are sure to inspire creativity. Be sure to have a look at our full range of Tapete clothing over on the main Bird Kids website. We’ve featured a couple of our favourite pieces in this article, but let us know yours! Leave a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so we can see what’s most popular!
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