Welcome back to another brand spotlight! Today, we’re going to be looking at the wonderful Tootsa McGinty and their unisex children’s clothes. Tootsa McGinty is the brainchild of Kate Pietrasik, a designer from the UK. She spent time working abroad in both Australia and France, but when she returned to the UK she was shocked at how strictly gendered children’s clothes were. As well as slogans that children couldn’t even read, boy’s clothes would be covered in camouflage designs and dull colours, while girls got pink and sparkles. This led Kate to create her own label; one that was affordable yet high quality and offered an alternative to the seas of pink and blue. Thus, Tootsa McGinty was born! In a quote taken from their website, Kat says

“Children like colour, they have big imaginations, they enjoy pretending, they love to dream and for them the world is full of possibilities. I don’t intend to limit their imaginations or make their world smaller by putting them in a sea of pinks and blues, or clothes that look like they were meant for adults.”

Everything in Tootsa McGinty’s range is unisex, apart from a few dresses! They all feature bright colours and patterns that children simply love. Cute animals or fun logos add extra detailing, too. The best part is that all of Tootsa McGinty’s children’s clothes are incredibly hard-wearing so they’ll be more than capable of putting up with anything your little ones put them through. They’ll even last long enough to be passed down to younger friends or relatives. The simplicity of Tootsa McGinty’s children’s clothes makes them so incredibly versatile. For example, their bright red denim jeans are ideal for the park when teamed with a jumper or t-shirt, but could be dressed up for a more formal occasion with a smart blouse and cardigan. Are you a big fan of Tootsa McGinty, or are you intrigued by the idea of unisex children’s clothes? Let us know your thoughts, or maybe send us a picture of your little ones in their favourite Tootsa McGinty item! As always, you can leave a comment below or chat to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!
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