As the school summer holidays are fast approaching, my daughter and her friends are already organising and updating their calendars with pre-planned sleepovers. While the prospect of having five ‘enthusiastic’ eight year olds over for the night is somewhat overwhelming, it does present me with some great children’s gift ideas. My daughter and three of her five best friends all share their Birthdays in July, so I am constantly on the lookout for children’s gifts. With the planned sleepovers in mind, I have decided to buy each of the girls an arts and crafts set such as this delightful Billie Brindille Jewellery Making Kit by Djeco.
Part of Djeco’s “Jewels to Create” range, this Billie Brindille set has been designed by talented fashion designers. Packed full of bright and sparkly stones, the kit has everything your child needs to make delightful pieces of jewellery that they can then wear.
Each kit comes complete in an illustrated box with a drawer, which then goes on to become the ‘jewellery box’ for the completed pieces of jewellery. A colourful step-by-step instruction booklet is included to assist your child, so they can create attractive pieces of jewellery based on the cute and lovable Billie Brindille character. The Jewels to Create range is perfect for collecting, and the boxes they come in are designed to stack on top of each other; so I guess I have found the perfect gift solution for the other mums too!
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