Treat your kids to some great board games this year, and invest in some family fun time. With the invention of the internet and computer games, our children seem to spend more time playing alone than with their friends or siblings, so pull out the plug and get them to interact on a more personal level with one of our great new games. A modern twist on an old game ‘Battleships’ by Djeco is a fantastic magnetic playing game suitable for children aged 5+. Complete with a ship, boards and magnetic pieces, this great game guarantees hours of fun and would make a wonderful children’s gift. ‘Bogoss’ a strategy game by Djeco has been deemed suitable for children up to 99 years, so even grandma and granddad can join in! A card game that glows in the dark, it is perfect for building your kid’s observation and co-ordination skills, and the rulebook is written in eight different languages. The perfect children’s gift idea and a lovely game for the younger kids, ‘Stop Spot’ by Djeco combines a game with a spot of face painting! Taking it in turns, each child takes a face card and if it has spots on it, they have to add the same amount of spots to their own face with the washable face paints included. Card game ‘Piratatak’ is an adventure and strategy game with simple rules, whereby each player builds their own pirate ship before the pirates attack. Beautifully illustrated and great for boosting our kid’s creativity, this is a fun game that the whole family will enjoy. A game loved by my own kids, and one that even makes grandma laugh! ‘Grimaces’ is a game of memory where you have to master the art of pulling funny faces! Each player takes a card and memorizes the grimace, and the one who remembers the most wins. Very entertaining, this is a fantastic children’s gift idea that will appeal to kids of all ages.

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