Crafts for kids come in a range of shapes and sizes and they are perfect for entertaining our children during the school Christmas holidays. Boosting their creativity while improving their hand-eye coordination skills, crafts for kids appeal to children of all ages, you just need to discover which craft appeals to your child the most. While the younger ones will happily spend hours colouring-in and painting, you need something more challenging to keep the older kids occupied such as ‘build your own kits’ by the likes of Kidsonroof, noted* and Bioviva. A perfect example would be the Stegosaurus Ecokit by Bioviva. A wonderful craft for kids, it provides you with all the pieces you need to build an exciting 3D dinosaur. Made from sturdy recycled cardboard, the completed model can be positioned in up to 10 different poses by following the instructions in the accompanying booklet, guaranteeing hours of fun and entertainment. Kidsonroof offer a fantastic selection of crafts for kids, and their ‘Build your own’ 3D kits appeal to children of all ages. This Totem – Bird on Tree model consists of 70 pieces made entirely of recycled cardboard. The completed tree is huge, measuring 85 x 70 x 70cm, and it comes complete with 15 different birds to place wherever you like. Children love playing with this tree, and it makes a stunning bedroom decoration For teenagers we really need to find a craft for kids that will stimulate their minds, such as this Pinhole Camera kit by noted*. Containing all the pieces you need to build a fully functioning pinhole camera, this amazing craft set will keep your kids entertained long after it has been built. Working with 35mm film, you kids can take as any photos as they like and print out their favourites to hang on their bedroom wall. So add a few crafts for kids to your Christmas shopping list this year, and encourage your kids to be creative.

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