We have recently expanded our range of children’s gifts, and our ‘role playing sets’ are proving to be very popular indeed! Role-playing is a great way to improve your child’s social development, while stimulating their imagination and nurturing their literacy and numeracy skills. Your children will learn as they play, and their social skills such as listening to others and voicing their opinion will flourish. The Tin Tea Sets by Egmont make perfect gifts for children. Much like the tea set I had as a child; these tin tea sets are durable and will withstand even the most enthusiastic of play. Coming complete with a Teapot, a tray, four cups, saucers and tea plates your children will have everything they need to hold their very own afternoon tea party – just add orange squash and cup cakes! Coming in two different designs, the Ladybird Tea Set features a lovely pink ladybird design and comes in a pink carry case, a children’s gift that any little girl will adore.

The Teddy Bear’s Party Tea Set is finished in a bright orange colour and features a Teddy bear celebrating his birthday with a cake and candles.
Both of these Tea Sets come in a tin carry case, so they are perfect for use at home or away. For the slightly older children, I would recommend the Witches’ Broth Role Playing Toy by Djeco. This set has everything your little wizards and witches will need to make their own witches’ brew, and includes a cauldron, two eyeballs, a spider, a toad and a bone. A fun gift, it will encourage your child's imagination to blossom as they concoct their very own “spooky” recipe.
Designed for children aged 4+, this high quality wooden set is sure to keep them entertained for hours, and will be a much-loved toy passed down through the generations.
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