Unbelievably, its half term next week (didn't we just have Easter?) and those of us who are staying at home, by choice or because of the recent ash cloud, will need to prepare plenty of activities to keep our children occupied. As the weather can be unpredictable at this time of year, I like to be ‘armed’ with plenty of indoor activities so that I can keep my children entertained whatever the weather. While DVDs and computer games have their advantages, I prefer to keep them occupied with something a little more productive such as crafts for kids. My top crafts for kids are: Painting – Affordable, convenient and a craft that they will spend many hours completing indoors or out; painting is an ideal way to keep your children occupied. Sewing – Both girls and boys love to sew. A great way of encouraging their creative side, sewing kits designed for children have everything they need to create their very own piece of art. Puppet making – A favourite pastime in our house, puppet making improves hand to eye coordination and leaves your child with a product that they will enjoy to play with for weeks to come. Drawing – For the artistic ones among us, drawing with pencils, chalks and multicoloured crayons is a pastime that is suitable for all ages and locations. Workshops – Origami for example, is becoming an increasingly popular craft for kids. Many companies now produce boxed workshops that come with everything your child needs to create a masterpiece out of paper or card.

Stickers and Sticker kits – Another low cost craft that children love - Stickers. Combined with a sticker book or a kit with background pictures, they will happily spend all afternoon getting creative with their favourite characters. Fortunately stickers have improved over the years and most can be easily removed if placed in an undesirable location - so we do not have to worry about a permanent addition to our new TV! Model building – Like puppet making, model building involves some skill so your child gets to work their brain as they play. Building a favourite castle, airplane or dolls house will keep them entertained for several hours. Colouring – A simple colouring book and some brightly coloured pencils or crayons is a traditional pastime that will never go out of fashion. So there are my tips to make next week a peaceful one! Feel free to share your ideas, as the summer holidays will soon be upon us!
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