If you have an upcoming children’s birthday party and you are struggling to find the perfect children’s gift, and then discover the fantastic range of kid’s bike safety helmets by Crazy Stuff. A fantastic selection of fun and funky helmets that you children will actually enjoy wearing, they combine fashion with safety to make the ultimate bike accessory. Fully compliant with both British and European safety standards, you can be confident that these helmets do exactly what they are supposed to, and that is protect your kids heads as they attempt their first ‘Wheelie’. First up, and my particular favourite is the Bunny Helmet. In beautiful girly colours, this bunny even has eyelashes and a bow on its head, which is sure to appeal to any young girl. Lightweight and fully moulded this bike safety helmet is comfortable to wear and looks great! One for the boys perhaps, this scary shark safety helmet is finished in bright royal blue, has a set of ‘teeth’ hanging over the front and a shark fin on the top to complete the look. The chinstrap if fully adjustable so this will comfortably fit any child between 2 and 8 years old, and would make a great children’s gift. This grumpy looking eagle actually looks adorable when worn, and both boys and girls favour this particular helmet. In pure white with a bright yellow beak, this helmet is easily recognisable so you can keep an eye on your kids from a distance. For our young cat lovers this bright Red Cat safety helmet is very popular. Cute and well designed it will sit comfortably on your child’s head and can be tightened and loosened via a dial on the chinstrap. A lovely helmet, it would be the perfect accessory for those with a new red bike. If your kids are going through their ‘Dinosaur’ phase then you cannot go wrong with the Crocodile helmet. A deep green colour with spooky yellow eyes and sharp looking teeth, you children will wear this with pride – getting them out of it for dinner might be your only challenge!
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