Djeco is a brand well known and loved in its homeland of France for making wonderful toys and games for children. This popularity is now growing across Europe and indeed the world, and many of our children now place a puzzle, workshop or game from the Djeco collection high up on their birthday and Christmas wish lists. More than just toys and games, Djeco also manufacture a stunning range of interior accessories that will brighten up your child’s bedroom in an instant. From wall stickers and mobiles, to bunting and ‘pop-out’ art, you can find something that little bit different within their collection. No children’s birthday party is complete without bright and colourful bunting, and the items in Djeco’s party collection will make a stunning addition to your child’s special day. Once the party is over and normality strikes, keep that festive feeling by hanging the bunting in your kids bedroom. It will instantly brighten up their space without the cost of redecorating. Pop-up wall art is another way in which to decorate your child’s bedroom without calling the decorators in. Perfect for those who live in rented accommodation, the pop-up pictures in Djeco’s home accessory collection simply hang on the wall, and fold away when it’s time to move. Then there are Djeco’s wall stickers to consider. I have to admit when I first heard about stickers for the wall, visions of ripped wallpaper and half-pealed stickers came to mind, but these lovely decorations are far from that. Simply peal the backing away and your children can stick the removable and re-usable stickers just about anywhere they please. With animals, space heroes, height charts and a variety of other magical and mystical designs to choose from, Djeco really hit the spot with these beautiful wall sticker sets. Invest in a few Djeco decorations today and turn your child’s bedroom into a wonderland.
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