What do children like more than receiving a toy? That’s easy - receiving a whole bag or bucket full of them! Our great selection of Buckets and Polybag set’s by Wild Republic will keep your children occupied for hours. They can be used both indoors and out, and as they are made of hardwearing, durable plastic, these children's toys can be easily washed and returned to the bucket for safe (tidy!) keeping. The ‘Itsy Bitsies Buckets’ are a favourite in our household. Each bucket comes with an assortment of plastic children’s toys such as dinosaurs, aquatic creatures and insects.

Educational as well as entertaining, your children can learn about each of the different species as they play, and will soon be able to identify their favourite type of shark or dinosaur. The ‘Polybag’ collections are perfect for children who want to learn more about a specific type of animal or species. The Polybag Penguin Collection contains plastic models of various species of Penguin, such as the Emperor Penguin the Macaroni Penguin and even a cute penguin chick.
From the same range by Wild Republic the Polybag Shark Collection is sure to make bath time fun! The various species of sharks come in vibrant colours and a variety of different sizes.
Perfect children’s toys that create 'buckets full' of fun!
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