We have reached the time of year when our gardens are calling and we need to get out there and start clearing out the old and planting the new. While tending to the garden and your children at the same time can be somewhat challenging; our beautiful range of garden toys might be just the solution you are looking for. Gardening with your child is a great opportunity for you to educate them on the various types of plants, vegetables, flowers and wildlife that surround them. Showing your children how to plant seeds and care for their growing plants is a great way to teach them about responsibility in a fun, outdoor, interactive class room. Gardening can even be beneficial to your child’s health by encouraging healthy eating – all children will want to eat the fresh organic tomatoes they have grown themselves! Before you head out to your vegetable patch, you need be prepared, so take a look at our excellent range of educational toys designed for the garden.

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment; the 20cm Children’s Spade by Egmont is available in a range of vibrant colours. Classically styled, this spade is made from enamelled metal and features a sturdy wooden handle. A perfect piece of equipment for your “little digger”.

Next we need a bucket; no gardening kit is complete with this essential piece of equipment! The Coloured Bucket selection by Egmont is fantastic for collecting all kinds of garden waste such as dirt, sand and mud. Made from enamelled metal, these vibrant buckets are sure to last a lifetime and will provide hours of entertainment for your children.

Then of course there’s the Rake. This Short Rake by Egmont has a wooden handle and comes in the same bright colours as the rest of the range. Your children will actually enjoy cleaning up after themselves with this Rake – now that’s my kind of educational toy!
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