BRIO has been making children’s toys since 1884. Founded in Sweden by Ivar Bengtsson, the company was taken over in 1908 by Ivar’s three sons who used an acronym of the Swedish words for “the Brothers Ivarsson Osby” (Bröderna Ivarsson Osby) to come up with the name we know today – BRIO. Perhaps most famous for their wooden toys, all the delightful items in their collection are based on traditional children’s toys that most of us will have played with in the past. Train sets, building blocks and ‘pull-along’ toys are predominant in the BRIO collection, and loved just as much by children today as they were 100 years ago. BRIO toys are designed to last; made from the highest quality woods and materials; they can withstand even the most enthusiastic of play, so they can be passed through generations from father to son, mother to daughter. Building Blocks are perfect for children, educational toys that allow them to be creative and use their imaginations are beneficial to children of all ages, and as there are no rules, anyone can play! The 50 Coloured Building Block set by BRIO, contains a variety of brightly coloured wooden blocks in different shapes and sizes. Creating hours of fun, this set would make a great children’s gift, and comes with a useful nylon bag for easy storage and safekeeping. This Pull-Along Engine is great for toddlers! Made from a solid piece of wood, this delightful steam engine has a yellow spinning chimney, vibrant red wheels and a bright yellow cord so it can be pulled along as your child finds his feet. A great toy for children aged 12 months+, this BRIO toy would make a perfect 1st Birthday gift. Check out the rest of our BRIO collection by clicking here, beautiful, classic children’s toys for every day play.
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