Noted* is a wholesaler of quality gift merchandise. Specialising in children’s toys this American company, founded in 2004, soon attracted a European fan base, and formed Noted UK Ltd in 2007. Children’s toys designed by noted* are that little bit different; working with designers and manufacturers from all over the world their toy and workshop collections are distinctive, unique and highly entertaining for children of all ages. We have recently expanded our Noted* collection to include some of the following delightful items: My Ukulele – A self-assembly Ukulele that actually works like the real thing once completed! A perfect children’s gift this Ukulele will create hours of fun. The kit consists of the body part of the Ukulele (in one piece) and you then need to attach the neck and strings. Assembly is simple, an illustrated guide takes you through the steps one by one, and you just need a few household tools such as sandpaper, glue and oh yes - patience! Once complete your child can decorate this unfinished wood instrument with paint or stain and they are ready to start composing. At some stage during our childhood, we have all played with a Catapult! This Pathfinders Catapult by noted* is another self assemble kit that once completed, becomes a working replica of one of the world’s most infamous medieval weapons. Historically accurate this kit contains only natural materials that would have been available in medieval times such as wood, rope and leather. All pieces are pre-cut and require only glue to assemble. Adult supervision and assistance will be required to build this catapult – so it is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with your child. Mechanical toys make fascinating gifts for children, and this Pathfinders Automata Horse by noted* is a perfect example.

The kit includes all the parts needed to produce a wooden mechanical Horse, and comes with a detailed instruction manual. Teaching your children basic mechanics, you can construct this educational toy with glue, scissors and a ruler and produce a wooden horse that gallops! Stunning gifts for children that will provide hours of mental stimulation and fun – make sure you keep this toy maker noted*
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