We have recently updated our children’s toys collection to include some fantastic paper crafts and origami sets by noted*. Bright, colourful and great fun to build and play with, these unique crafts will appeal to kids of all ages, and as they are all under £10, they would make great stocking fillers for Christmas. The paper animated machines by noted* are brilliant crafts for kids made entirely out of strong paper. Pre-cut and scored, the pieces slot together with ease, and secure together for adhesive to create a fully animated toy. On turning the handle, these delightful goats, chickens and cats move around much to the amusement of kids, and guarantee to be played with over and over again. Slightly different children’s toys from the same noted* collection, the animated paper boats are built with the help of a needle, thread, a craft knife and some adhesive. With the help of mum or dad, older children will love putting these sets together, and enjoy making the boat ‘sail’ with the turn of the handle. Fantastic crafts sets for kids, these paper creations will occupy the children for the whole afternoon and are perfect for those Christmas school holidays.

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