In the build up to Christmas, children are so excited to get involved with all areas of the preparations. From hanging up the decorations to writing a letter to Santa, there are so many ways to keep children occupied this season, and what better way to show their creative side than with a few fun bakes. So turn up the Christmas tunes and get cooking with these great Christmas baking ideas for kids. baking 1. Stained-Glass Window Cookies An amazing treat that not only tastes great but looks wonderful too. Use any plain biscuit recipe of your choice, cut them out with some festive cookie cutters and make a hole in the centre of each one. Before you put them in the oven place a coloured boiled sweet in the centre of each hole. The sweet then melts to create a stained-glass effect. Perfect for hanging on the tree instead of chocolates. 2. Ginger Bread House There are many different kits available online that help you create your own ginger bread house. Kids will love following the instructions as they stick each side of the house together and decorate with lots of gumdrops and icing sugar snow. 3. Snowball Truffles A fun and messy baking idea for kids, these snowball truffles are so easy to make and taste much better than shop brought ones. Keeping kids out of the way, make a simple milk chocolate ganache by pouring hot double cream on top of chopped up chocolate. Stir until all of the chocolate has melted and you are left with a smooth texture. Place in the fridge to cool completely and then let children scoop out balls of the ganache and roll in coconut shavings until they make snowballs. A fantastic and easy treat. 4. Christmas Pudding Cake Pops A wonderful way to use up left over slices of Christmas pudding or cake, these cake pops are super tasty and look great. Get children to roll up chunks of Christmas pudding into balls and push them onto sticks. Dunk them in chocolate and then sprinkle them with decorations. 5. Rudolf Cupcakes A fun and easy bake, make a simple chocolate cupcake and decorate the top to look like Rudolf's cute little face. Use pretzels for the antlers and a gumdrop for his big red nose for a delicious treat. Do you have any great Christmas baking ideas for kids? Let us know by messaging us on our Google+ or Facebook Pages or tweet us @bird_kids Merry Christmas!
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