Deciding on what kids clothes to purchase can be difficult all year round, but much more so during the winter months. With the weather conditions getting considerably more gloomy, little ones require layers and accessories that keep them warm and dry as well as appeal to them. Here at Birdkids we have selected some of our finest kids winter clothing that will help your child battle the cold elements at many festive occasions. The Basics Long Sleeved Tops leggings Of course as adults we understand that any wardrobe needs a few basics. These aren't a fashion statement but more of an essential that will help keep little ones warm and dry. Our range of long sleeved tops can act as a base layer in the winter months, allowing kids to stay warm even after they have removed their other layers. Leggings are also brilliant this time of year as they are elasticated and comfortable, and can be worn underneath dresses and skirts for extra warmth. Jackets and Jumpers jumper image (12)Our range of jackets are super stylish whilst being extremely practical. From jackets that protect against light showers to thick comfortable jumpers, this selection of kids winter clothing is a must when the weather get colder. With lots of different designs available including those with funny animal faces, kids will want to wear their special jumper everyday. Pyjamas pajamas image (16)Even when you have the heating on at home it is essential that little ones are kept warm. This fabulous selection of pyjamas offer long sleeves and full length legs. Perfect for sitting at the breakfast table or playing before bedtime. Accessories winter warmers image (18)Young children suffer with heat loss mainly from the tops of their heads and limbs in the winter months, so it is important that certain accessories are included within their winter wardrobe. Gloves, a scarf and a hat are all perfect for keeping the heat in, especially when out Christmas shopping. Our range of accessories include funny features that will appeal to any child, making them an excellent gift. For our full range of kids winter clothing click here.
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