There are hundreds of children's toy manufacturer's out there today. Many companies specialise in one type of toy only, while others cover a wider spectrum and craft a variety of different of objects for children to pay with. In my opinion, no one makes a better job of creating fun, quality and educational toys than Djeco. A French brand based in Paris; it is clear to see the amount of time and effort that they invest in every item they make. Their designs are thought through; they consider how a child will play with a toy or game, while constantly thinking about how they can make it more simulating and more interesting. All Djeco toys are put through rigorous testing to make sure that they meet every single child safety standard; so it takes roughly a year for a toy to make it from the design board, to a box. The boxes that these toys come in are beautifully illustrated, and many times they become an integrated part of the game. Djeco manufacture a multitude of different toys, arts and crafts, such as 'role playing sets', puzzles, giant jigsaws, painting and sewing sets, puppet making sets, colouring books and even mobiles, so you are sure to find something suitable for a child of any age. A great example of their work is the Silhouette Jigsaw Puzzle range. A collection of 36 piece jigsaw puzzles that feature 3 different scenes; your child will enjoy completing these creative and imaginative puzzles over and over again. They come in beautiful, decorative boxes that will look wonderful in your child's bedroom, and with several different characters to collect, the fun just goes on and on. Take a look at the range for yourself, perfect toys, perfect gifts, perfect Djeco.
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