When children get to a certain age they like to start collecting their own possessions, something that belongs to them; something that they will take great care of for years to come. That is why we absolutely love our range of Mr. Men and Little Miss Mugs; fun items that will brighten up any child's day and make a perfect children's gift. The Mugs are made from dishwasher safe porcelain and feature images of your child's favourite Mr. Men character on both the front and back. Most of us will remember Mr. Men and Little Miss as children. The very first Mr. Men books were published in the UK in 1971, with Mr. Tickle being the first character created by Roger Hargreaves. Inspired by Hargreaves young son; each character has a personality based on their name, such as Mr. Happy and Mr. Lazy. The original Mr. Men - Mr. Tickle is a favourite of children and adults alike. This Mug has the image of Mr. Tickle on the front while the back features a fun extract from the original book; “Today looks very much like a tickling day!”

My particular favourite is the Little Miss Sunshine mug, featuring a brightly coloured picture of Little Miss Sunshine. The back features a second picture, and the text “You are now entering laughterland, Smiling Laughing Chuckling Giggling PERMITTED By order of the King” is displayed.

Then there is the much loved Mr. Grumpy (we all know one don't we?), a beautiful mug that has a bright blue image of Mr. Grumpy on the front, and the back features Mr. Grumpy walking along with a grumpy look on his face and black cloud over his head; it reads “Grumpy by name and even more grumpy by nature!”.

All of the Mr. Men and Little Miss mugs come in a lovely matching gift box, making them a great gift for children and adults alike.
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