Having recently returned to college I appreciate how difficult it can be to learn something new. As adults there is no easy way around this, we have to work hard, study long hours and with a bit of determination we can master that new profession, or in my case, a new language. Children on the other hand, learn easily; their young minds are fresh and ready to absorb everything that is going on around them. Scientists have proven that the human brain is more susceptible to learning in the first 10 years, so this is the time we need to make sure we provide our children with the correct learning tools. What better way to teach your child than to do so with educational toys? Fun, colourful objects that help them learn invaluable skills for later on in adult life. Educational toys stimulate creativity; problem-solving techniques and help children discover their identity. For babies and young children, Building Blocks are a good place to start. The Sorting Box by BRIO is a fantastic set of wooden toys, designed to help children discover and recognise different shapes. Great for building their concentration levels, this set will also help strengthen their fingers and hands as they play. Brightly coloured these wooden blocks are durable and well made. For children aged 2+, Interactive games such as the Lotto Four Seasons Educational Game by Djeco are perfect. This game has been specifically designed to help younger children learn the four different seasons as they complete their game board. Made from strong cardboard, this game is presented in an attractive and colourful box containing 4 playing boards and 16 different animal cards, all featuring beautiful season inspired pictures. For children a little older take a look at the Rainbow Fishing Ducks by Djeco. A toy that many of us will recognise from our childhood days, this game was often found at the village fate or at the fairground. A game of skill, this can be played indoors or outdoors; with water or without. You simply set the ducks out (on water or not) and then use the fishing rod to try and hook one of the ducks and bring him in.Ideal for teaching children colours, numbers and improving their eye to hand coordination, this beautiful set includes six ducks and two rainbow coloured fishing rods. So let your child be one step ahead, and provide them with as many educational toys as you can find!
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