I believe that the best way to keep your children occupied, is by getting them to be creative with arts and crafts. Whether they be interested in painting, sewing, modelling clay or making jewellery, you will find something to suit every child in our range of crafts for kids. Take a look at the Coloured sand "Sand Mask" workshop for example; designed for older children this kit encourages them to be creative while creating their very own mask. The kit comes with several boxes of coloured sand, four glue coated cards and step-by-step instructions. The end result is a magnificent mask that your child can proudly display on their bedroom wall. Younger children enjoy crafts just as much as the older kids, and the Light Modelling Clay 'Plastifriends' kit by Djeco, has been specifically designed for smaller hands. This set contains a selection of brightly coloured, good quality, non-toxic clay that will air dry; your child can make simple creations using the 5 background cards and finish their 'work of art' with a selection of accessories. Crafts for kids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but perhaps the most unusual is the Sharan Wide-35: Panoramic Pinhole Camera Kit by noted* This fantastic camera comes in pre-cut parts and must be self-assembled using the tape provided. Once assembled this becomes a fully working camera that uses 35mm film and takes perfect panoramic photographs! Ideal for children of all ages, the entertainment value of this camera just goes on and on. Take a look at our range of crafts for kids today and keep your kids busy this weekend!
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