As any parent will know, an educational toy or game does not necessarily need to be labelled as such, as long as it is something that teaches our children to use their imagination, be creative, count, learn the alphabet or improve their language skills – then it is an educational toy. Learning in later years is hard enough, so when our children are young learning should be all about fun, and with the right toys and games they can learn without even realising it. Puzzles and board games are both educational and fun and they provide you with the perfect opportunity to interact with your children on their level. Old-fashioned games like snakes and ladders are just as entertaining today as they were 30 years ago, and our kids learn to count while having fun with their friends and family. Many toy manufacturers make modern versions of the games we played with as children, and Djeco are perhaps one of the leaders in this field. The Domino ‘Zigzag’ wooden game, for example, is great for younger children to practice their observation skills. The wooden pieces are large enough for even tiny hands to grasp, and your kids will have great fun matching the pictures to create a ‘zigzag’ shape. From the same collection, the educational lotto game will teach your children about the four seasons as they play. A lovely illustrated set, it includes four different game boards and cards that feature different pictures of the wildlife, weather and plant life that each season brings. Educational toys and board games are not expensive, and with a few great toys and games you can teach your children in a fun and entertaining way.
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