Fun Games and Activities to Do at Home With the Kids

If you’ve ever been stuck for ways to entertain your little ones indoors, then this is the blog post for you. We have compiled a list of our favourite indoor games and activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Whatever the reason you're having to stay indoors, try some of our boredom-busting games, crafts, and other things to do with the kids to turn any indoor day into a memorable one.

Role-Playing Toys

Let your little one discover their future career path, or live the 'grown-up' life, with our wonderful range of role-playing toys. Your child can have a go at becoming a Dentist, Hairdresser, Vet, Barista, Doctor, Gardener or Sushi Chef! They can also help you in the kitchen with the Wooden Fruit & Vegetable Set or even do the food shopping with the Tender Leaf Toys Grocery Bag Playset.


A familiar sight in every child's life, puzzles are a fulfilling way to boost your child's cognitive abilities whilst letting them bask in the joy of accomplishment. We stock a wide variety of fun puzzles including classic jigsaw puzzles and stunning Silhouette Puzzles.

Build Your Own Kits

Model work is a classic nostalgic past time, still well and alive in this day and age. You can bring your child into the next generation of crafters with our great choice of things to build, wherever their preferences may lie. From simple decorations to actual moving parts, we have a great selection of build your own kits, all with varying methods of assemblage. They can create gorgeous Dreamcatchers, Colourful Characters and lots of decorations for their room including this roar-some Dinosaur Head!

Sewing & Embroidery

Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of sewing with our Avenue Mandarine embroider kits. They contain everything they need to create adorable keyrings with three fun characters to choose from. You can also allow your child to create and understand French knitting with our Knitting Nancy, a traditional knitting toy that has a history dating back over 400 years!


Painting is something that all children enjoy, which is why we stock a fantastic range of paint sets and kits dedicated to this area. Our kid’s painting sets are extremely varied, ensuring that you can find something to suit your needs. Our stunning Djeco Gouaches painting-by-numbers art workshop features 4 beautiful exotic bird illustrations that your child will want to proudly display once complete.

Papercraft & Origami

A simple yet highly rewarding pastime for your child to get their hands on, the possibilities of papercraft are as endless as they are indescribable. Our stock of papercraft, including the still newly regarded art of origami, range from funny folded models to intricately designed machines that really move - all at great prices. Our Djeco Origami Papers kits are a great introduction to the Japanese craft Origami. The beautiful Tropics set includes specially printed decorative papers, which when folded will make 5 gorgeous designs.

Fun in the Garden

If you have a garden, and the weather permits, then our range of Outdoor Toys are perfect for you and your family. Why not teach your little one to become a pro golfer with our Mini Children’s Golf Set, or let them exert some energy with our fantastic Djeco Skipping Rope. Most children love to learn to skip and will spend hours skipping to pass the time alone.

We hope that we have shown you that having to stay at home doesn’t need to be boring! You can discover lots more exciting indoor activities and indoor boredom busters on our website.

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