Why Music is Important for Childhood Development

It’s never too early to introduce your child to music with many studies suggesting that babies may remember music heard in the womb. Research has shown that prenatal exposure to music has the potential to influence brain development as well as aid the development of your child’s auditory system.

To encourage and grow your little ones love for music, many child psychologists recommend getting a musical toy, especially for babies and toddlers. In this blog post, we will recommend some of you our excellent musical toys and explain some of the reasons why music is so important for childhood development.

Helps Develop Sensory Skills

Sensory play is the way your child makes sense of their world through hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling. It can help kids develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and creatively. Using music and movement will allow your child an outlet to express themselves and build their musicianship.

These super fun Maracas from Djeco's range of musical instruments are a great first musical instrument for babies, toddlers and children. The wooden maracas have been painted in vibrant colours and their portability enables children to dance and play.

Improved Hand-eye Coordination

Musical instruments are a great way for your child to hone their fine motor skills including coordination, grasping and grip control. The Plan Toys Wooden Oval Xylophone is great for improving your youngsters hand-eye coordination. This xylophone is made from sustainable, non-toxic materials and crafted from natural rubberwood.

Creativity is Encouraged

Allowing your child to explore musical toys can help to foster and encourage their creative skills. This Wooden Tambourine has been illustrated with a South American theme. You can watch as your little ones create their own music, in a multitude of ways, with this fun and colourful tamborine that helps to encourage children to engage with music.

Strengthen Memory Skills

Studies have shown how music training is associated with cognitive and mathematical benefits with those who engage in musical play showing a steeper development of verbal working memory over time.

This Hand Drum musical instrument from Djeco features beautifully colourful illustrations. It can be played on the floor, table or hung around your neck to start your very own marching band! Included with the hand drum kit is 2 downloadable songs to learn to play from music publisher, Putumayo Kids.

Increases Emotional Wellbeing

Music is incredibly important for child development and growth and being able to play, touch and make noise helps our kids learn in so many ways. It is also crucial for their emotional wellbeing as music can have a calming and soothing effect. Being able to express themselves through musical toys can also enable your child to explore any emotions or frustrations they may be feeling but are unable to verbalise.

You can introduce your child to the wonderful and creative world of music with this set of 3 Musical Instruments from Djeco including a tambourine, maracas and a castanet. This colour coordinating set is super colourful sporting various decorative animals and perfect for little hands to grip.

The power of music should never be underestimated and we hope that this post has helped explain why it is so important to childhood development. Our full range of fantastic musical toys can be found here.

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