2013 is turning out to be a pretty wet year so far, and if it isn’t raining, it’s probably snowing! Keeping kids occupied in the snow is easy enough, but when they’re stuck inside all weekend because it’s raining sideways, then I’m sure all parents could do with a little help and inspiration. Rainy days get a bad reputation, but they are fantastic opportunities for your little ones to get creative and for you to get your hands stuck in too. We have a whole range of arts and crafts ideas for children, ranging from the fun and easy to the more stimulating little projects. No matter how quickly your little one gets bored, I challenge them to not be completely absorbed in the fun crafts we have for them, and who knows, you might even get chance to put your feet up with a good book (that’s if you’re not already joining in). For those long days where the rain is set in and shows no sign of going anywhere, our Build Your Own Kits are designed to keep little minds busy all day. This Treehouse Kit is one of our favourites; needing no scissors or glue, it uses a simple slot in system to create a magical treehouse that you and your child can decorate and make as fantastical as you want. It even features little opening doors and cute round windows in the tree trunk and canopy. We also stock a range of 3D model kits, all made from recycled cardboard. This Sail Boat would sit pride of place on any child’s bedside table.

For the little girls out there, this incredibly pretty Lace Paper Workshop from Djeco includes 6 printed lace effect boards that can be coloured in with a set of felt tips included in the set. Or, if you don’t mind getting a bit messy, our children’s paints and painting kits will keep mini Picasso’s and Monet’s busy for entire afternoons. We have a wonderful set of Gouache Paints, various nature inspired painting kits for children and even a Finger Painting Kit if you want to be everyone’s favourite parent!

Turn miserable days into an excuse for having fun, where you can let your child’s imagination (and yours!) run free for a while. Whether it’s painting, building or crafting, make rainy days something to look forward to.
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