Getting Your Toddlers Creative
Finding activities for toddlers is certainly not an easy task when it comes to keeping them entertained and making sure they are safe. From the age of 1 to 3, it is difficult to keep children active due to their short attention span and their lack of understanding for direction. However, by not planning what you are going to do may actually be the best course of action at this age. Toddlers adore activities that are simple and allows them the freedom to explore a little. With that in mind, have a read of our page of ideas! Sensory Activities Toddlers love nothing more than the ability to touch, taste and smell items, whether this is putting inappropriate objects into their mouth or having sticky hands from no apparent source! The years of a toddler are a significant learning curve and this is made easier with a hands on approach. One idea is allowing your children to play with plastic or wooden food such as an ice-cream set, fruit and vegetables, a tin coffee set, pancakes or a BBQ. In addition, here at Birdkids we stock a range of soft toys that encourage your child’s creative imagination and are adorable to cuddle! Arts & Crafts If you’re a creative person, this shouldn’t be too difficult when it comes to being creative with your toddler. In fact the more spontaneous and random you are with your creative activities, the better. Paper craft and origami is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your toddler that includes colouring and creating patterns as well as making window decorations. Sticker art and other craft kits are also safe and relaxing activities for your child to grab their hands onto. For those who enjoy maintaining a tidy house, washable fingerpaints or objects such as colouring books are great items for free creativity. Material Exploration One of the easiest activities for your toddler is to allow them to play with a material on their own. This way, they will be able to learn on their own about the different textures of everyday objects. From jewellery, to clothes plasters, to musical toys, you will find plenty of items on our website that will keep the attention of your toddler for hours. In addition, everyday items such as tissue paper, pots and pans and magazines will never grow old for them. If you have a toddler of your own, most of us will have experienced the task of keeping a young child entertained for a certain amount of time. The ultimate priority is to keep them safe but it is also to allow them the freedom to be able to play on their own with simple items. We hope this page of ideas has given you some food for thought regarding the creative possibilities for your toddler.