Top Outdoor Toys For Kids
With the summer just around the corner, there is no better time to encourage the kids to play outside in the fresh outdoors. Diverting them away from the electronic games such as an iPad, Xbox, Playstation or Wii, can be a difficult task. Yet when many of us were younger, playing outdoors and creating your own entertainment was a normal activity. Even if it’s just having fun in the garden, the following list of toys should be enough to persuade your kids to take part in activities outdoors! Picnic Set Take the concept of real food and transport it to the garden with this adorable set of play food. This is the ultimate gift set for young children who love role play games and the freedom of imagination. From the Djeco range, this gorgeous wooden picnic set includes a picnic basket that opens at both sides with a carry handle, a bowl, plates, jug & beakers, cutlery, napkins and a contrasting coloured picnic cloth. This charming picnic set makes the classic summer play set. image of Picnic Set Finger Painting Entertaining and varied, we stock a wide range of finger painting gift sets that are fantastic gift ideas for the outdoors. With such a versatile range of designs including animals, dancers and faces, there is sure to be something to entertain every child. It not only allows the experimentation with colour and pattern using their hands, it will also mean any mess is easier to clean up outside rather than in the house! Sunography Paper - Solar Powered Photography That’s right, we stock specialised paper that when placed with an object on top, it will change colour with direct sunlight! The sunography paper is light sensitive on both sides, allowing for two sided prints. In addition, prints can be toned yellow or sepia using rinses with common household liquids. Safety Helmets What better way to get the kids cycling on their bikes or scooters than with a funky helmet? Fun and entertaining, our adorable range of helmets are a great way of ensuring the kids are safe and smiling. We also stock a matching selection of locks so you can ensure your child’s bike will not get lost or stolen when you go for a longer cycle. image of Cheshire Cat Safety Helmet Skipping Rope Skipping is a great form of exercise which can entertain the kids for hours. With a variety of activities you can do with the rope, there is so much more than just hopping solo. You can also bring other members of the family and friends into this traditional activity! image of Skipping Rope - Rosita Build Your Own Catapult Although not strictly an outdoor toy, the benefit of extra space is a great advantage to this building craft kit. This kit is also historically accurate, using only the materials that would have been used then; wood, rope and leather which allows your child to roam free with their imagination. All pieces have been pre-cut and drilled requiring only white glue to assemble. In addition, this kit can take an hour or two to assemble and are only for use under adult supervision. image of Build Your Own - Pathfinders Catapult We hope this list of toys will give your children the motivation to play in the refreshing outdoors. With so many benefits to being outside, your kids are sure to remain healthy, active and carefree. Let’s just hope we have some nice weather on the way for the summer!