He may have only turned one year old today, but Prince George is certainly not lacking in the fashion stakes. All eyes seem to be on him wherever he goes, and not just because of his royal status. It seems that our little prince is a charming trendsetter for children’s style and his clothing reflects the amalgamation of baby’s clothes and ‘grown up’ trends. Keen to match Prince George’s style for your own child? Then keep reading for some fabulous ideas! Overalls & Dungarees Overalls and dungarees can look particularly stylish on young boys and it is the perfect time to make the most of them while they are still young! Due to their versatility, this includes all colours and styles, such as George’s pink ones pictured here. Shorts & T-Shirts An obvious choice of clothing, yet we have noticed that it’s the plainer styles and bold colours that make George’s garments stand out from the rest. Long-Sleeved Tops & Jumpers As shown in this picture, George is often seen wearing a plain white, blue or red cotton jumper. Not only are these patriarchal colours, they also happen to suit him. You can match this same trend for your son with our range of high quality comfortable clothing. With young, relatable parents, is it any wonder George has such a stylish wardrobe? A unique style icon, Prince George will have many people watching his next clothing choices in years to come. We hope our short guide will help you to match some of his current styles!
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