School has finished, the sun is shining and the cold soft drinks are flowing. It can only mean one thing: the summer party season has arrived. All of a sudden, children’s birthday parties seem to be occurring nearly every weekend now that there is no restriction of school. In the warm weather, children like to keep cool when playing games and partaking in energetic activities such as bouncy castles and outdoor discos. The question is, how do you dress your children appropriately for all of these activities while still allowing them to look fabulous? Here’s where our ideas come in to help. Girls Clothing It’s easy to assume that most young girls would look adorable in a pretty dress, but this is not always the case. Here at Birdkids we stock a range of elegant flowing skirts, gorgeous tops and even shorts to keep your little girl happy! Boys Clothing While the smartest option would be tailored trousers and a smart shirt, this is not a practical choice for a summer party. However, we stock a range of knee length shorts which are essential for a cool and modern look this summer. In addition, we have a fabulous range of neat t-shirts to make a charming outfit. Footwear Although kids love to throw their shoes off and roam free in bare feet, their choice of shoes should not spoil the outfit. In our range of footwear, you will find a fantastic selection from jelly shoes to leather sandals that will keep your child’s feet cool and trendy. Accessories Even the smallest amount of jewellery can make a significant difference to an outfit. In our selection, you will find adorable necklaces, sunglasses, purse, bags and even bibs for the messy ones! In our fabulous range of clothing, footwear and accessories, we are sure there is something to suit every child no matter what kind of a party they attend during the holidays. Although there is a lot of competition in the fashion stakes at this time of year, the main priority is that your children feel free, comfortable and happy with their outfits this summer.
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