How To Make Bath Time Fun For Kids

Most parents will know the struggle of getting their little ones to have a bath. At times getting our kids clean can feel like a chore as they run in the opposite direction of the tub. If you are struggling with bathtime then why not try incorporating some playtime into their bating routine. Here at Birdkids, we stock a range of wonderful bath toys that will make bath time less of a struggle for both you and your kids.

Tiger Tribe Bath Garden - Spring Flowers

With this Bath Garden Toy from Tiger Tribe, your little one can build a beautiful floating garden by slotting each spring flower into the garden bed. Water the daisy, daffodil, sunflower, rose, blue allium and camellia with the pink watering can.

A wonderful way to introduce sensory play into bath time, kids are encouraged to enjoy, explore and investigate the feel and sound of water pouring and the way it runs over the flowers. For a bit of extra fun, the flowers are made from EVA foam so they easily stick to the side of the bath or surrounding tiles when wet.

Djeco Waterproof Card Game - Bataplouf

Keep your little ones occupied and distracted in the bath with this wonderful underwater card game for 2 players to enjoy! All you need to do is turn up two identical sea creatures - the first to do so wins the round. There is a net provided to dry off the card at the end of bathtime.

Tiger Tribe Waterworks - Pipeline

Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with Waterworks - Pipeline from Tiger Tribe. Pour water through the top of the head of this multi-layered toy for an early childhood lesson in water exploration.

Watch as the water flows through the pipes, turn the valves on and off to stop and start the flow, swap the 11 key pieces around and change their direction, where will the water flow next? And watch the ball rise and fall with changing water levels. Waterworks - Pipelines provides multiple interactive water explorations and develops key STEAM skills.

Djeco Fishing Ducks Game - Hats

This classic game of Fishing Ducks is always a hit with young children. Six different ducks, each with their own character, wearing a different hat, and number score. There is a pair of fishing rods to complete the game. The idea is that two people compete for the highest score or just have fun trying to catch them. Play it in the bath, a paddling pool or even on dry land.

Tiger Tribe Bath Stories - Once Upon a Pirate

Tiger Tribe's gorgeously illustrated bath puzzle pieces encourage children to create endless stories while soaking up quality time in the bathtub! Let their imagination run wild with these wonderful, large format EVA bath characters. Stick them to the side of the tub or tiles to create your very own story.

Djeco Waterproof Card Game - Spidifish

This underwater card game will make any bathtime routine fun! All you have to do is catch the correct Spidfish - the fastest of two players wins! Comes with a net to dry off the cards and a waterproof box for storage.

Tiger Tribe Dinosaur Island - Bath-a-Saurus

Create your own prehistoric park with this bath toy from Tiger Tribe by slotting dinosaurs, Jurassic jungle plants and an ancient volcano into the floating island. A wonderful way to introduce sensory and imaginative play into bath time, kids are encouraged to enjoy, explore and investigate.

For a bit of extra fun, the dinosaurs are made from EVA foam so they easily stick to the side of the bath or surrounding tiles when wet. At the end of all the fun, pack up is super easy using the enclosed drip dry net bag.

Tiger Tribe Bath Crayons

These Bath Crayons from Tiger Tribe will enable your child to channel their inner artist whilst getting squeaky clean in the bath. Designed to be used by little hands on smooth wet surfaces like bathroom tiles and bathtubs, these vibrantly coloured bath crayons are super easy to clean and can simply be washed off with a damp cloth. A great way to encourage your child to work on their fine motor skills, colour recognition, imaginative and creative play.

You can shop our entire range of bath toys here.

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