Outdoor Games and Activities for the Whole Family

With warmer weather officially here, now is the ideal time to start encouraging outdoor play. There are innumerable health benefits to playing outdoors including reduced stress levels, better moods, and improved concentration, more naturally-attuned sleep rhythms, reduced risk nearsightedness and many more.

In addition, any form of outdoor play presents the perfect opportunity for some fun family bonding time. This is why we have suggested products which can be played by the whole family, both young and old! In this blog post, we have compiled a list of our favourite activities that are ideal for encouraging outdoor play and perfect for getting the whole family more active.

Wooden Skittles

Children and adults can practise their bowling skills with the Traditional Garden Games delightful pastel-coloured Junior Wooden Skittles Set. Carefully roll the ball and hopefully, someone will get a lucky strike! This game can improve both hand/eye coordination and gross motor skills.


Children will have lots of fun burning off bundles of energy while learning the basketball basics. From running around, jumping, dribbling, passing and shooting the ball into the hoop, this Junior Basketball Set is the perfect game for children to learn how to share and work as a team. Basketball is also a great way to improve their hand/eye co-ordination, throwing skills, confidence and fitness levels - without them even realising it.

Garden Quoits

This Classic Garden Quoits set is a fantastic family game. Simply throw the rope rings at the scoring pegs and the highest score wins. Keep all ages entertained and make lots of happy memories with this fun game that can be played indoors or outside.


A great starter set for the family and perfect for older children and teenagers, the highly social and popular game of Croquet is easy to learn and can be played on lawns of almost any size or even at the park. Ideal for keeping adults and big kids entertained during an outdoor social gathering, this croquet set contains everything needed to learn the increasingly popular game.

Snakes & Ladders

Traditional Garden Games' Giant Snakes & Ladders is an ideal activity for the whole family that can be played indoors or out. For added fun factor, you become part of the game by acting as one of the counters, moving up and down the snakes and ladders.

Horse Shoe Pitching

Pitch for points with Traditional Garden Games Horse Shoe Pitching game. Little cowboys and cowgirls can have lots of fun testing their throwing skills with this classic American game. Push the stakes in the lawn or sand and simply toss your horseshoe at the target stake.

Tug of War

Gather family and friends together for a traditional game of Tug of War. Test your team's strength against the opposition and have lots of outside fun pulling the weaker team over the line. A great game for outdoor social gatherings such as BBQs in the garden and parties on the beach.

Garden Tumbling Tower

Traditional Garden Games' high-quality Wooden Tumbling Tower is made from the best cuts of premium wood and can be used indoors or outside. Players construct the wooden tower taking turns to remove one brick at a time without making the tower tumble.

You can shop our entire range of outdoor games here where you can find a wide array of fun classic games suitable for the whole family.