You might have missed it, but this coming Monday, the 23rd April, is St. George’s Day! Whether you’re patriotic or not, I think it’s great inspiration for planning a fun day of activities that your children are sure to really enjoy.

Image of Draw Your Own Workshop - Knights  from Djeco

There are so many arts and crafts ideas to try out on St George’s Day. You could make your own bunting incredibly easily by cutting out lots of triangles of paper and getting your kids to decorate them with crosses, dragons and knights. Then, simply fasten them to a red ribbon with a stapler or glue and your bunting is ready to be hung! Alternatively, older will love Djeco’s Draw Your Own Workshop – Knights. It comes with pens and teaches children to draw in a comic book style. You could then make frames for their masterpieces from wood and glue, and paint them gold or stain them brown to look like they’re from a medieval age.

Image of Cupcake Kit  from The Cooking Club for Kids

In my house, we can’t have an activity day without baking something! This great cupcake kit from The Cooking Club for Kids is perfect for children to use, and it even comes with a decorating set. You could decorate your cupcakes with St George’s crosses using red and white icing, or even make red cakes with a little bit of food colouring. My personal favourite tip is to add a little bit of strawberry jam to the inside of each cake, just be careful to let them cool completely before tucking in! Image of Denim Dress - Ruby  from Tootsa MacGinty Image of Pistoia Cardigan in Red  from Mini Rodini To really get into the spirit of things, how about dressing up entirely in red for the day? This lovely red denim dress from Tootsa McGinty is just lovely, especially paired with white tights. I’m sure that any little girl would love putting red and white ribbons in her hair, too. For the boys, I think this red cardigan from Mini Rodini with a white t-shirt underneath is perfect. These outfits would be ideal for any St George’s Day events that you plan on attending, but would also look great at any Jubilee parties in June. Whatever you have planned for Monday, or perhaps over the weekend, we hope you and your family have a lot of fun!
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