Recycling is a really hot topic for many families at the moment, with most households making a real effort to recycle or reuse as much of their waste as possible. However, huge amounts of clothes and other textiles are still ending up in landfill sites across the country. I'm always looking for ways to reduce the amount of clothes I throw away by taking old or too-small items to charity shops. This isn’t always possible though, as you can probably imagine the amount of clothes that end up torn or with holes from over-excited play. Also, it’s always a shame (Not to mention a waste of money!) having to get rid of perfectly good clothes that just aren’t being worn.

Image of Little Girls Set of 6 Clothes Plasters  from Jennie Maizels

Well, you can imagine my excitement when I came across our range of Jennie Maizel’s fantastic Clothes Plasters! An English children’s illustrator, Maizel’s easy-to-use plasters help to repair holes and tears, or can jazz up a boring or plan t-shirt.

Little Boys Set of 6 Clothes Plasters  from Jennie Maizels

Applying them is as simple as placing them over the chosen spot, and ironing on! They’re available in a massive range of designs, and as singles, doubles or collections. They won’t come off in the wash, and can be applied to any type of clothing that’s suitable for ironing. My kids absolutely loved jazzing up old clothes with their choice of plasters, and now old clothes which would have gone to the charity shop or been thrown away have been given a new lease of life. In fact, my kids hate wearing clothes without the plasters!
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