It’s rare to find an activity that offers so many physical, mental and social benefits and is still suitable for the whole family. Cycling is one of those exercises that is perfect for children as it gives them the freedom and independence they adore. If you think back to when you first started to learn, it probably involved a gentle push around the garden, a couple of falls and some stabilisers until you learnt to balance. Now is a great time to allow your children to do the same thing over the summer holidays. With the Tour De France in full swing, there is no better motivation to get your kids involved in a fun and active sport! Helmets It is unsafe for anyone to cycle without the use of a secure helmet. That’s why we offer a range of stylish helmets in order to keep children safe as well as entertained while out on their bikes. The helmets we offer from Crazy Stuff are bright, colourful and include a selection of unique animal designs that are suitable for both boys and girls. Helmets will prevent serious head or brain injury which is particularly common in young children. It is essential that the helmet fits correctly on your child and the straps should always be adjusted with care to ensure it fits snugly on their head. image of Shark Safety Helmet - Blue Bicycle Locks There’s no point in going on a bike ride without anything to keep your bike safe! In our range of wacky bike locks, you will find a helmet to match each locks. You can feel confident in knowing that child’s your bike will remain firmly secure from theft while also providing a fun addition to the journey. image of Crocodile Lock Other Safety Tips
  • When cycling with your child and partner, make sure one is positioned in front of them and one behind.
  • Use a bell and signal clearly to let others know your intentions on the road.
  • Wear bright clothes and have reflectors where possible, especially at night.
  • Avoid wearing headphones as it will make you lose concentration and become unaware of other traffic approaching.
  • Children under 12 years old with an accompanying adult are allowed to legally ride on the footpath.
  • Bicycle gloves can be a good secondary piece of protective equipment.
With so many reasons to get your kids into cycling, there is no excuse for a dull day over the school holidays. You will be surprised at how quickly your children will learn to develop the skills required for riding a bike and it is essential that they are kept safe at all times. We hope you enjoy selecting some fun safety equipment for your child’s cycling adventures!