You can probably picture the scene – Sunday afternoon, never ending rain and force 10 winds. There’s always a film to watch or perhaps the children have a games console? But there are so much better activities to spend a few hours doing! The benefits of getting your child involved in artistic activities are well recognised but without getting into too much detail – here’s a quick list.

  • Articulating a vision – describing an idea in your head is not easy, art facilitates this important life skill.
  • Team-building skills – working together to create an end product.
  • Stimulates and develops the imagination.
  • Teaches responsibility of seeing a task through from start to finish.
  • Improves dexterity – decorating, drawing, manipulating puzzles etc all require fine motor skills.
Not to mention the sense of achievement when your child completes the work – it can be something to put on display and be proud of. At BirdKids we have a large selection of arts & crafts products to encourage creativity and develop artistic skills, here are a few of our favourite. Drawing Watercolour Pencil Workshop by Djeco watercolour pencil workshop by Djeco Encourage your child’s creative skills with this watercolour pencil workshop set. Designed for older children (9 – 15+ years) this set by Djeco will produce 4 beautiful pieces which your child can complete by following the step by step instructions. As you can see the results are stunning. Price: £16.95 Painting Discover Colours Hide and Seek Painting Kit by Djeco discover colours painting kit by djecoThis wonderful set is aimed at 4 – 6+ year olds and it is specially designed to be suitable for little hands as well as older children. The aim of the kit is to teach kids how to mix colours, each picture comes with instructions to guide the child in mixing the correct quantities. It comes with 8 large partly illustrated prints to complete which are so stylish you could put them in your lounge. Price: £18.95 Sewing Animals Lace Up Cards by Djeco
Something for the younger kids, this set lets your child bring 3 pictures to life by threading wool through the ready pierced cards. Uses a round ended needle. Suitable for ages 3 – 6+ yrs. Price: £14.95 Puppets Build your own Monkey Puppet by Crafty Kids Craft Kids build your own monkey puppet This kit comes with everything you need to paint and decorate a monkey puppet. Not only is this great fun to make but also provides a chance to develop pretend play and imagination skills. Price: £10.95 So there you have it, a no more boring days in. If you like the Djeco range then check out the site - we have a wide range of Djeco puzzles and Djeco stickers, all overflowing with colour, style, creativity and quality.
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