This is the first of our "about our brand" blogs to introduce some of the lesser known brand names and explain what makes each so individual and full of character. Anne Claire Petit products are all made from crocheted pure cotton or cashmere and their colour schemes are instantly recognisable. Visually they are spectacular toys and have that special feel that only comes from handmade products. What really stands these toys apart from others though is the craftsmanship of each toy. From baby toys and rattles to soft toys and gifts they are all hand made by a community of skilled craftswomen in Asia. They create these toys using skills that have been handed down for generations, and it shows in the quality of each Anne Claire Petit toy. Not only are they toys beautiful but by making them, the community benefits from a steady income which would otherwise be absent. In addition to this, because the toys are made in the community there is a strong feeling of kinship with neighbours and this builds trust and security. Anne Claire Petit toy Due to the handmade nature of each Anne Claire Petit toy, no two products will ever be exactly the same. It is this quality and uniqueness that makes them great gifts. Robert Horne

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