If bedtime is a battle then you might want to consider getting a nightlight for your child’s bedroom. Providing a great sense of comfort, nightlights for children help relieve the stress caused by a darkened bedroom, and have just the right amount of light for your child to sleep comfortably. For young children and babies, a nightlight provides just the right amount of light to keep them calm if they wake in the middle of the night; as your child gets older and frequent bathroom visits are required, a nightlight will help them find their way to and from the toilet and avoid any little accidents. Your child can benefit greatly from having a nightlight in their bedroom, so they are highly recommend to those parents who experience bedtime tears. In addition to being practical, nightlights can also add great decoration to a bedroom, making them a great children’s gift. A great example would have to be the lovable “Ernest the Polar Bear” nightlight by Egmont. Made of durable plastic, Ernest comes with a 10-Watt bulb that provides just the right amount of light, and a perfect glow in your child’s bedroom. A perfect children’s gift, Ernest the Polar Bear is sure to become a true bedtime friend. For something a bit more colourful, this Toadstool nightlight would look enchanting in any child’s bedroom. Designed to look like the type of toadstool we read about in all our children’s books, this beautiful red and white nightlight comes with a 10-Watt bulb that provides an ambient light. Tested for safety, you can be confident that these nightlights meet all child safety regulations, and they come pre-fitted with a UK plug. The perfect gift for any child of any age, a nightlight will help their dreams to be sweet ones!
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