This Easter, I’ve decided not to give tacky chocolate eggs to any of my close friends or family. Instead, the kids and I are making all of our Easter gifts using some of the arts and crafts supplies available on Bird Kids.

Image of 6 Finger Paint Tubes

For younger children, finger paints are always a lot of fun! Just get some plain card, fold it in half, finger paint the front and you have a wonderful Easter card. The bright and colourful paints are from Djeco so you know that they're really high quality, and I’m sure that the recipient of the card will treasure it for years to come.

Image of Origami Papers Pack

The great thing about origami is that children of any age can have a lot of fun with it, with younger kids working on the simpler shaped and the older kids trying the harder ones. What we like to do is fold the shapes, then press them flat and pop them into cards as a lovely extra surprise. This Origami Papers Pack contains 100 beautiful sheets, so you can make plenty of lovely creations.

Image of Build Your Own - Pathfinders Flying Pig Automata

Finally, for your older children to attempt, this Build Your Own Flying Pig Automata from Noted* is just wonderful. While its animation is really detailed, the best part is that it comes completely unpainted. It makes a great Easter gift for a brother, sister or parent, and your child’s imagination can really run wild with the decoration. I’m sure you’ll agree that hand-made, personalised gifts are always much more of a joy to receive, not to mention that making them is a great way to spend time together. This year, why not join us and make some lovely Easter presents by hand?
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