girls-739071_960_720 A New Year brings new beginnings and fresh starts. It's an incredibly reflective time for both adults and children to consolidate what was learnt and achieved in the previous year, whilst a fantastic time to set yourself new objectives for the year ahead. Whilst there's a lot of discussion around New Years Resolutions and their credibility, we still believe that there is a place for New Years Resolutions, it's a great time to simply set household goals that everyone can achieve. It encourages children to develop a drive to succeed, and will help benefit them in more ways than meets the eye. Here are some practical and achievable goals to help nurture your children to grow this year! Learn New Things Whilst your child is growing up their brain is like a sponge and they will drink up all the new information that is being give to them. This resolution should easily be achieved because of this, whether it's a new sport, a new language or learning about the town you live in. You can get fully involved in this one with your children and make it a new year resolution for yourself too! Healthy Eating With the rise in obesity and diabetes in children, there's never been a better time to promote and encourage healthy eating with your children. Whilst it's important not to take away treats all together, cutting out a few junk food meals and replacing those with wholesome meals will be beneficial for the whole family! Household Chores It's great to get your children involved in simple household chores from a young age as it encourages a good work ethic. Set up a simple rota and get them to do one chore a week, it could be something as simple as wiping down the table or clearing the plates from the table. You could even set a reward to motivate them further! Educational Goals Whatever stage of learning your child is at, it's great to set their own educational goals and put some parent/child time aside that you can work with them. Whether it's an area they are particularly weak on, or something they're very strong at, setting small realistic goals will help you achieve the goal quicker than something which is unrealistic. Whether it be to learn all of the times tables, read one book a week or to practice writing your name. Spending Time Together Sharing your resolutions with one another will make the family grow a stronger bond, and simply by promising to spend more time together as a family will be one that won't feel like a hard resolution to achieve. By planning something together every weekend, or putting aside a couple of hours each evening a week without any TV or digital devices will do you all the world of good! Setting resolutions for children as you can see is not unrealistic when you break them down into easy and achievable chunks. Goals are a great way to see what you're aiming for and a way to better yourself in the New Year. Something that all kids should be proactive in doing when they are growing up! Will you be setting New Years Resolutions with your kids this year? Do let us know on our Facebook & Twitter pages!