snowy-still-life-1057327_960_720 Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting and special times for a child, it's a great idea to create and use your own Christmas traditions with children to help make it the most magical holiday for them possible. It's also one of the few days where the whole family can get together without any distractions or interruptions. Incorporating lots of fun activities, traditions and games into the day will keep them occupied, and stop them from bouncing off the walls with excitement all day! So here are some of Birdkids favourite Christmas Eve traditions and things to do as a whole family, that will guarantee to make Christmas Eve as special as the big day itself! Christmas Eve Box In recent years a Christmas Eve box has become hugely popular amongst families and it's given to children on Christmas Eve that is packed full of books, games, new snuggly Pjs and chocolate. These boxes are an exciting gift for your child to open on Christmas Eve and the beauty of it is that you can fill a box up with whatever goodies you wish, the more activities the better as it will help to keep your child occupied throughout the day! Christmas Snowflakes Create a mini winter wonderland with your children by creating pretty Christmas snowflakes! All you need is to gather some white paper, pencils and scissors and you can set to work at creating your very own snowflakes that they can then decorate their bedrooms with. Christmas Baking All children love to get involved in some form of baking whatever their age, and Christmas Eve after all has to involve some kind of festive baking for all to enjoy. Some traditional choices could be gingerbread men, a gingerbread house, mince pies (for Santa!), cookies or even Christmas cakes. The possibilities are endless and it will fill the house with a delicious seasonal scent too! Christmas Church Service You don't need to be religious to enjoy a Christmas church service, many are held during Christmas Eve and it's a fantastic way to make children remember that Christmas isn't just about the presents and what the true meaning behind it actually is. The church is a calm atmosphere during Christmas Eve and children are often invited to light a candle whilst looking at the crib. Look Out For Santa Going out for a Christmas Eve walk is a tradition followed by most families, you don't always get a chance to head out for some fresh air on Christmas Day so it's a great idea for all to get some exercise before the eating commences! With this in mind it also provides a brilliant idea for tracking Santa on his travels and getting everyone to see if they can spot Santa and his sleigh flying over the sky ahead! You can also track Santa online here! Christmas Eve Picnic After making some festive bakes, why not put together a simple picky Christmas Eve picnic for the children. You can create a really cosy setting underneath the tree, with blankets and pillows and put some Christmas movies on for them to watch too. It's a really easy meal for parents to put together and you can include your festive bakes, small sandwiches, fruit and some little sweet treats! Leave out a snack for Santa As a reminder of your own traditions from the festive season, leaving out a snack for Santa is a worldwide tradition. Before the children go to bed make sure they leave out one of their festive bakes and Santa's favourite tipple for him to enjoy whilst he drops their presents off! Don't forget to also leave out a carrot for Rudolph, as he gets hungry too! There is no day or evening quite as exciting as Christmas Eve and it can be made even more magical & fun with these creative traditions that will form memories and traditions that will last forever. From everyone at Birdkids we hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Do you have any other Christmas traditions you do with your children? Do let us know on our Facebook & Twitter pages!